Our Team


Board of Directors

The KGF Board of Directors, who form the K'ahsho Got'ine Party to the Establishment of Tuyeta, is made up of representatives from the Fort Good Hope Dene Band, Yamoga Land Corporation, Ayoni Keh Land Corporation, Behdzi Ahda, and Fort Good Hope Métis Local 54.

Chief Tommy Kakfwi, Fort Good Hope Dene Band

Vice President:
Darcy Edgi, Yamoga Land Corporation Designate

Richard Kochon, Ayoni Keh Land Corporation Designate
Grand Chief Wilbert Kochon, Behdzi Ahda
Bob Overvold, Fort Good Hope Métis Local 54 Land Corporation

Lead Advisor:
John T'Seleie


Tuyeta Management Board

Management Board

Frank T’Seleie

K'ahsho Got'ine Appointees:
Joseph Tobac, Jeanette Tobac, Vicky Orlias, Fred John Barnaby (Colville Lake) and John Cotchilly (alt)

GNWT Appointees: 
Lawrence Jackson, Edna Tobac and Lillith Brooke (alt)


Our Staff

We have 2 full-time and 2 part-time administrators, and four full-time Guardians

Executive Director:
Daniel Masuzumi Sr.

Operations Director, Interim:
Dr. Alexa Scully

Administrative Assistant:
Edith McNeeley

Finance Administrator:
Dario Gonzalez

Administrative Assistant (Parental Leave):
Montana T’Seleie-King




Buddy Gully


Twyla Edgi Masuzumi

John and Joseph

John Tobac and Joseph Tobac. Photo Credit: Pierre Emmanuel Chaillon.


Casual Work

KGF employs community members from Fort Good Hope and from Colville Lake for seasonal and contract work which includes labourers, cooks, drivers, harvesters, wood, truck rentals, room rentals, knowledge holders and Elders. In March 2021 there were over 80 people employed.